NOTICE:  Thank you for your patience during this “Historical Time”.

Like many rescue groups and Humane Societies and Shelters, Picket Fence Poodle Rescue had been closed.

The quarantine time has slowly ended and our Veterinarian is finally able to provide “elective” surgeries such as spays, neuters, dentals, etc.

Now we all try move forward while learning to be safe!  Thank you for your support, understanding and encouragement!   Gail




ADOPTION PENDING FOR JOAQUIN….  who is a big, handsome, gentle Standard Poodle.   “Joaquin” (pronounced “wah-keen”) is the Spanish language version of Joachim.  It is a male name which finds its origin in Hebrew יְהוֹיָקִים‎ (Yehoyaqim) and literally means “lifted by Yahweh”.

Joaquin comes to us from a special lady in South Dakota whose health is failing and can no longer care for her beloved Poodle boy.  They had been together since Joaquin was a puppy, so we know that he had been deeply loved and well cared for all of his life.  It was an extremely sad and tearful surrender, but sometimes the greatest gift you give, is to let go.

This very pretty boy weighs 78 pounds, is 30” tall and was born January 22, 2011.  His AKC papers are not available.  Despite being the biggest Standard Poodle we’ve ever had, Joaquin is also very smart and has a soft, mellow, loving and easy going attitude.

In the morning before it gets too hot, grab his leash and Joaquin is ready to go for walk with me and all the other Poodles.  Then we do walk various times during the day (when it’s cool) for a total of 1 mile (2,000 steps).  Anything more isn’t going to happen for me or him!
He’s a perfect gentleman in our home (house trained), loves hugs and attention while visiting with people (especially men).
Without hesitation, I would have used Joaquin to visit seniors at nursing homes.  But because of the Covid restrictions, that cannot and will not happen for awhile.  Joaquin also enjoys our grandchildren but is thankful when they leave.  So a home without young children is best.

During the day, Joaquin has free run of our home.  However, as with most all Standard Poodles we’ve had, he is a “counter surfer”!! You will need to make sure all food items are safely out of his reach or they will be eaten.
At night, he sleeps on his big floor cushion in our bed room.  He will sit on our living room couch, but prefers the floor.
His best friend and companion had been a small mixed breed dog, so Joaquin fits in just fine with all of our smaller Poodles, including our Toy Poodle “Sophie” as pictured here.

We do have all of Joaquin’s Vet records.  He has been neutered; heartworm/Lymes tested negative, wormed, all shots are up to date, micro chipped and registered and Vet checked healthy by our Vet,

Because Joaquin has a history of ear infections, our Vet also cleaned and flushed his infected ears.  Then they implanted an “Oto pack” which is a time released antibiotic, so we do not have to use ear drops.
Our groomer cut his ear hair very short (pictured below) to help prevent ear infections which is a problem for dogs with thick, long and heavy hair on their ears.  We have clearly seen excellent results, as the less hair on their ears helps more oxygen get into the ear canal!  Makes sense, right?

We know this special boy is a very good Poodle that needs a quiet and loving home where he will become a family member while being loved and well cared forever more….

*Because we do home visits before and occasionally after the adoption, we do NOT adopt to homes outside a 1 days drive (500 miles) from our central Minnesota location.
*A fenced yard and Standard Poodle experience will be given priority.  You also need to be physically able to handle a very large dog.
*NO aggressive or assertive dogs.  Joaquin would be fine with an older, gentle, or any easy going (small or large) dog.
*NO young children.

Going for a Sunday ride in the ’66 Ford Mustang!

Joaquin’s  1 million, trillion, billion dollar adoption fee includes all his Vet records, his recent Vet work (including a teeth cleaning), a bag of quality Senior dog food, dog treats, dog beds, leash, collars, food and water dishes, various toys (which he ignores), a nice winter coat, and his dog food bin container on wheels.

But for the right family, his adoption fee is $400.00 which includes the $28.00 Minnesota state sales tax, but does not include the ’66 Mustang.








Over this Labor Day week-end, Joaquin enjoyed visiting with a few of the animals at our daughter’s and son-in-law’s farm by Northfield.

So these are cows?

Hi Pigs!










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