– UPDATED:  JULY 2020 –


NOTICE:  Thank you for your patience during this “Historical Time”.

Like many rescue groups and Humane Societies and Shelters, Picket Fence Poodle Rescue had been closed.

The quarantine time has slowly ended and our Veterinarian is finally able to provide “elective” surgeries such as spays, neuters, dentals, etc.

Now we all try move forward while learning to be safe!  Thank you for your support, understanding and encouragement!   Gail





“EBONY AND PATSY” have been retired from a southern Minnesota breeder and are now looking to become family pets.  These two little Toy Poodles are sisters who were born 05/05/2015.  Ebony is silver, weighs about 5 ½ pounds and stands about 9” tall while her bigger sister Patsy is blue, weighs 8 ½ pounds and is 10” tall.

These girls have been together all of their life, so they are looking to be adopted together as a bonded pair.

Now before you fill out our “Adoption Application”, please be aware that:
*A SECURELY fenced yard will be required as these girls have been kennel dogs and are not leashed trained. We did try an exercise pen, but they quickly climbed out of it!
*NO children as children really scare these little girls.
*NO aggressive, NO assertive and NO large dogs.  The girls would be fine by themselves or with an older, gentle or any easy going small dog.
*We do NOT “Ship” or adopt our Poodles to homes outside a 1 days drive (500 miles) from our central Minnesota location.
*Poodle experience will be given priority.

When the girls arrived, both were understandably scared out of their minds.  So with socialization, love, patience and time, we have seen a big change in Ebony’s disposition and attitude.  Surprisingly, for a silver Poodle, she has become more of a “Velcro” Poodle who will now follow me around, comes when called, wants to be picked up and will be the first Poodle to jump into my lap for love and attention.

Patsy on the other hand, is very slowly learning that living with people is what she really wants and needs.  You can see it in her eyes as she begs for love, yet she doesn’t know what to do.

Every day can I see Patsy slowly beginning to learn how to trust people.  When I point down and say “stay”, she will stay, allowing me to pick her up so I can hold and love her.  She also enjoys sitting with me while I read or watch TV.
I have also put a leash on her so she can learn to come instead of running away from me.   Giving her treats work too!  The potential is there, but you will need to work with her.  I have seen how these scared little Poodles do change and truly become the loving Poodle that they were meant to be.  Plus Patsy has her sister to show her the way!

The girls have been perfect in their kennel and our home (house trained).  They do love to snuggle together on our furniture, will follow each other around and sometimes Ebony will start chasing Patsy around the house!  Oh so cute to see them playing “tag”!

They get along just fine with other small dogs and are not afraid of rumbling thunder storms or all the fireworks we are hearing a lot of this year.
Both girls are also very quiet.  Ebony occasionally barks at strangers and the deer hanging around our home; but I’ve never heard Patsy bark yet!

Ebony and Patsy do not play with toys.  However, they really enjoy being outside where they will roll in the grass and run round in our fenced back yard looking for an opening in our fence.   These are smart girls who would like to escape and see what’s on the other side of our fence!  They also enjoy watching the busy squirrels fighting with other squirrels!

Both girls have been Vet checked healthy.  They have been spayed, dental work (including removal of a few rotting teeth) has been done, their teeth have been cleaned, shots and worming are up to date, Heart worm, Lymes and Ehrlichia tested negative, Home Again micro chipped and registered.

Ebony had severe ear infections and a large tumor (growth) removed from her left ear which has caused her to be deaf in that ear.  Her ear infections have been treated and she can hear just fine with her right ear.

Their $644.00 adoption fee includes our $44.00 MN state sales tax, quality dog food, tasty treats, a folding toy box, two new soft pink beds, new blankets, their kennels, winter coats, collars, leashes plus lots of good information about Poodles.





DURING THIS DIFFICULT TIME…. a very special lady (who we know) had experienced much loss and sorrow.  Purchasing a Poodle puppy seemed like a good idea.  But she soon realized how much care, work and time a puppy can be for a senior who had spent a long time caring for her terminally ill husband.
Sadly, it was decided that she needed an older Poodle to fill her empty arms.  So her “COOPER” then came to us instead of being returned to a northern Minnesota BYB (whom I’m not familiar with).

Please be advised, that we are accepting “Adoption Applications” and screening families interested in adopting this puppy.  BUT his adoption fee will be given to his previous family. Picket Fence Poodle Rescue will not receive any funds from this adoption.

At 8 weeks old, Cooper, was sold as a black “TOY” Poodle.  But now at 12 weeks old (born April 11, 2020), he is clearly a big boy that weighs a healthy 5 1/2 pounds and measures 10″ from the floor to his shoulders!
Rule of thumb: double the weight at 12 weeks. Thus Cooper will be about 11 pounds; a nice sized “Miniature” Poodle.

We do have his AKC papers and pedigree, but I do not see or recognize any of his lines being quality or any show titles.

Cooper is is an extremely smart, charming, outgoing and sociable boy who just loves being with people or being a silly puppy by playing with his toys!
He has already learned to come when called, will “sit” on command and will fetch then return any toy that you throw for him.  He greatly enjoys following me around the house (“Velcro” Poodle), loves to be picked up so you can love, hold and cuddle him.  He gives lots of kisses too.  Cooper also has a great time  playing with any other Poodle, who will play with him.  What a PERFECT PUPPY for the right family!!

Now…. keep in mind that this is a VERY SMART PUPPY!!!  You must be physically able to handle the needs a puppy requires.  House training has begun, he LOVES to chew (teething) on everything, he will find trouble and get into everything you have…. just like a puppy will do!
You will need to work with him by gently (yet firmly) showing him what to do and what not to do so he will grow and become a wonderful and loving Poodle boy!

Now before you fill out our “Adoption Application”, please be aware that:
*Absolutely, NO young children.
*NO aggressive, NO assertive and NO large dogs.  Cooper would just love any active and easy going small dog to be friends with!
*We do NOT “Ship” or adopt our Poodles to homes outside a 1 days drive (500 miles) from our central Minnesota location.
*Poodle experience and a fenced yard will be given priority.

He has been Vet checked healthy, shots and worming are up to date, Home Again micro-chipped and registered.  His $950.00 adoption fee (to be given back to his previous owner) includes his quality puppy food, tasty treats, a folding toy box, a new soft bed, a new blanket, his kennel, a winter coat, a collar, leash plus lots of good information about a Poodle puppy.

ALSO NOTICE:  After 6 months of age, you will need to return “Cooper” to our Vet for his neuter; Picket Fence Poodle Rescue will pay for that.

More pictures soon….





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